How to paint Winter Landscape

28.00 EUR

Here's another intriguing and appealing theme for you. It is yet another opportunity to explore the variety and serenity of art.
A lesson centred around a winter scene shot at its best - winter that can be a miraculous and fascinating fantasy. Winter that we will feel through all our senses and the experience will make us warm.
And the creative effort will see the real picture brought to life on the canvas. White all over. Meadows covered with fluffy snow. Two cabins tucked away in the white powder bring back cosy memories.
And if painting, you enjoy it, you will get a rare experience of the icy embrace. For there is a great emotional intensity about a winter landscape, as much as in a daring brushstroke on the canvas, which everyone can do guided by Pavel Mitkov.
The artist truly believes that besides a deep emotion, painting is a ferment of unparalleled self-expression and improvement.

You can select audio and subtitles in English, Russian and Chinese.