How to paint Water Lilies

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This delicate flower has found the essence of its existence on the quiet water surface radiating beauty and sweet scent. What can make everybody gasp, if anything, is the immense beauty of a blooming water lily and its air of serenity, harmony and nobility. For centuries on end, artists, writers and poets, struck by the water lily, depicted it in their works.
Besides its delicate beauty, the water lily is also known for its strong energy. It is used in various rituals around the world and is also considered an amulet. It was particularly revered in Ancient Egypt as a symbol of Pharaohs' divine origin.
Now, you get to feel for yourself the pleasure of painting this one-of-the-kind flower. Pavel Mitkov will show you how to picture the water lily as it is – innocently white and gently fragrant, a true balm for senses. It always has an air of individuality, proving there is no greater master than Mother Nature.
And let each of us indulge in the spell of a paintbrush touching canvas.

You can select audio and subtitles in English, Russian and Chinese.