How to paint Sunflowers

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Everything created by the touch of a hand is said to have a soul of its own and convey a message.
Pavel Mitkov believes that painting, a man goes through a very personal and intimate experience and rediscoveres themselves more easily. And painting sunflowers, a man can feel and capture the sun's warm caress and share it.
The bold and beautiful flowers are notable for turning to always face the Sun and follow it all the way from east to west.
Resembling the sun itself, sunflowers stare at the daystar in the skies from early morning till dark. And the happy, smiling face of a single sunflower in a vase, in the garden or in a painting is enough to cheer us up, as well.
Sunflowers are a symbol of royal magnificence and brilliance, of energy and joy. They are a symbol of faith and knowledge, too.
Paint, with Pavel Mitkov, your own sunflowers. For the sunflower is also a signature flower of impulsive and successful people, of victors! And what you create is the touch of your innermost nature and helps you rise above the routine and the ordinary!

You can select audio and subtitles in English, Russian and Chinese.