How to paint Spring

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Have you heard bird songs yet?Have you felt the gentle, warm spring sunshine? Have you spotted a stork flying back? Have you had a moment to enjoy the sight of blooming flowers outside? Yes, you're right – the spring is here. The all green and bursting into blossom spring; the long-awaited and yearned-for spring. And when spring comes to live on the canvas under the strokes of the brush in your hand, the feel is overwhelming!
It is that elated spring mood that you will find in this lesson!
Spring scenes have always been very special to Pavel Mitkov. He puts a lot of love in them and fills them with harmony. They are paintings zooming on perfection in nature and in interaction with it. And they augment the deep feeling of the primal power that exists in the world around.
Overflowing with sensuality, these works convey a message of beauty and harmony, which we should constantly aim for in our lives. They open a door to a fresh and tender reality.
With Pavel Mitkov's help, you will be able to turn your emotions and thoughts in a drive that will make your spring artwork magnificent and touching!

You can select audio and subtitles in English, Russian and Chinese.