How to paint Sea

28.00 EUR

An art lesson inspired by the sea. A lesson that can immensely lift your spirits.
For there is hardly anybody who has not been touched by new experiences inspired by the sea. That freedom and tranquillity, vastness and deep blue colour, the steady, monotonous rumble of waves breaking into a cliff... Seagulls and their language so incomprehensible to us and yet so pleasant to the ear.
What words could describe the influence the sea has on people? How can one list all reasons for its irresistible attraction to us?
The sea in Pavel Mitkov's paintings is a miracle in its own right. You can almost hear the waves whispering to each other and anxiously pushing to finally reach the golden sand. Sometimes quiet, sometimes rough, they are always brimming with energy and life, producing enchanting sounds. We see them move and hear their marvellous tune.
It is through the magic of the brush and pallet that we can experience all this!
Not only can a true artist understand and convey the language of the sea, but they can also help you create a sea of your own using your individuality and creativity drive.

You can select audio and subtitles in English, Russian and Chinese.