How to paint Poppies

28.00 EUR

With Pavel Mitkov's helping hand, you can work on your imagination and sense of beauty. For with this lesson, you are in for a delicate creative experience... You will feel the charm of lovely poppies as you haven't before. It is inevitable once the fragile delicate, and so intoxicating at the same time, flowers start popping on the canvas.
The poppy is considered a symbol of blood shed in wars but also of the power of life.
The poppy theme has kept reappearing in Mitkov's art through the years. And it naturally brings buoyancy and fairy-tale-like fascination to his lessons.
That is why Pavel Mitkov once again paints these fiery and emotionally charged poppies in his characteristic way but this time he seeks to inspire you to take a pallet knife and a pallet. This could be yet another accomplishment for you and could lead to more and even bigger successes!

You can select audio and subtitles in English, Russian and Chinese.