How to paint Old house

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What can lend colour to our routine every hour and minute? How can we express what we are essentially?
There are more than a few ways, of course. And one of the answers is offered by Bulgaria's Pavel Mitkov. A renowned and successful artist, he will let you discover a secret of his by painting with him an old house and thus getting a taste of Bulgaria's uniqueness.
As the Bulgarian people see it, an old house is about cosy homeyness, uniqueness and traditions dating back centuries. It brings a man back to a rural past where folk songs, fairy tales, myths and legends were entwined in Bulgarians' lives.
Whatever job a Bulgarian was up to – ploughing, hoeing, reaping a harvest – the fields resounded with jolly clamour and were bubbling over with cordial humour. Bulgarians were hard-working and had a good sense of beauty and elegance, as evidenced by works of art and architecture and the design of Bulgarian houses centuries ago.
The picturesque construction Pavel Mitkov employs in his paintings is an easy-to-grasp way he shows you how to paint a house like his.
Bulgarian unique character and national traits cannot be revealed in just a couple of works. You can only get an idea of them. But every memory revived brings them back to vigour.

You can select audio and subtitles in English, Russian and Chinese.