How to paint Don Quixote

28.00 EUR

Art lessons by Bulgaria's renowned artist Pavel Mitkov are a hip and very appealing offer. He will convince you that art is essentially something we all need and will deftly transfer you to a world where everybody can galvanize their potential in the most unexpected way.
The iconic Don Quixote sets out on a journey so that the mankind today can have a great model of the highest moral standards. An unrelenting optimist and selfless idealist, he sees the world through different eyes.
Why is he one of Pavel Mitkov's favourite characters? Surely for his pursuit of a new reality, a new world full of harmony, justice and love... despite of his awareness of the contrast between his ideals and the reality.
This is a character depicted wholeheartedly with his tall, lean, bony and prosaic figure. A character the artist will help you portray.
Find about a unique style of painting and even more! Rediscover yourself and start feeling good things in life. The rest will happen once you've put brush to canvas.

You can select audio and subtitles in English, Russian and Chinese.