How to paint Wet Street

28.00 EUR

Art lessons by Bulgaria's renowned artist Pavel Mitkov are a hip and very appealing offer. Convinced that art is essentially something we all need, he will transfer you to a world where everybody can galvanize their potential in the most unexpected way.
Wet Street – a street in a big city brimming with life... A street swarming with people, thoughts, emotions and sighs... It is one of Mitkov's favourite themes, which has kept the basic traits of his creative language of expression through the years. And it is one of the most popular and successful themes, too. It features unique expressiveness to render big-city vibes.
The artist offers his own explanation for its magical power – it is after the rain when streets have been washed clean that the air is crystal clear and there is a touch of magic in the reflections of trees and buildings. And it is the rain that washes away all dirt and purifies people's souls...
Pavel Mitkov will help you create a wet street and, through brushstrokes, feel its spell.
You will come in touch with art through your intellectual senses... But not only - you will create art yourself.

You can select audio and subtitles in English, Russian and Chinese.